Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Well, here's my list of things to work on for 2012 - these are the big ones:

1. Take a couple of the Stanford online Computer Science classes, as a way to get my flabby brain back in shape. Specifically, the class on Machine Learning and the class on Probabilistic Graphical Models.

2. Get ready for cycling season. I'd like to get back into the same shape I was in prior to my first Ride-the-Rockies expedition.

3.  Deploy a Big-Data/Statistical Modeling application to the web.

4. Build some cool stuff. Maybe a model stirling engine, maybe a cool Arduino-based robot.

5. Be more social (for Deb).

Here's a good list from Woody Guthrie. I reserve the right to crib off of him.

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